It was exactly five years ago that I first visited the audiologist for a hearing test. It’s been almost 4-5 months then that I realised that I have been having a hearing problem – a few office colleagues (you know the usual smart alecs) have passed a snide comment about my lack of ‘attentiveness’ and have had a hearty laugh, at home I noticed that my family were complaining that the TV volume was too high, that I don’t pay heed to what they say. Above all, even I realised that I was missing out.

Somehow, a part of me – a stubborn part that is – didn’t want to accept it. “It” always suggested that the problem will take care of itself and things would improve. “What the heck! I am just 26 ” is what I thought.

However, the other part of me – the practical one that is – suggested that there are always 3 outcomes when we tackle any problem:

  1. You are unaware of the problem. And you take no action. (That’s ignorance on your part, yet pardonable).
  2. You are aware of the problem, yet you do nothing. (That’s plain stupid. Only you are to blame).
  3. You are aware of the problem, and you do take an action to solve it. (This is what should be done, always. Idealist, ain’t I?)

So, finally common sense prevailed and I started visiting the doctors. The first doctor suggested me to undergo an audiogram test and led me to an audiologist. I immediately took an appointment with the audiologist and visited him on the appointed day – all the while hoping that everything would turn out fine i.e. either he says that everything is fine with my ears, or he prescribes some medicines or surgery. Nothing of that sort happened. After the test, the audiologist confirmed my worst fears. I had a hearing loss. No How, No when, No what, No why – nothing. Simply an irreversible, non-treatable sensorineural hearing loss. That dude was as clinical, ruthless & impersonal as they come. At least that’s what I thought!

So, I picked that report, hopped in a cab and dashed to the doctor. The doctor, on seeing my report, had a simple solution – Deal with it. He said you can either choose to wear a hearing aid or choose not to. It won’t take a sage to know what’s the right thing to do of the two. That nasty sensorineural thing has no medicine. (Trust me it is not nasty, it is plain hard luck!)

I was not impressed. I was not going to accept it so easily. I was up for a fight (given that such a steaming pile of machismo our species tend to be).

Then followed a series of more tests, more doctors, and more hospitals. Guess what? Everybody, I mean…. Every-damn-body had the same damn thing to say. Fair enough.

All this was happening over a period of 1-2 months. Once the writing on the wall was loud and clear, I did what I was supposed to do. I contacted my audiologist and started evaluating hearing aids from various companies. In a week or so, I finalised one and started using it……

It’s been 5 years since then and I am still using it every single day. Honestly, unlike what the tone above suggests, the whole experience has not been as bad as I thought it would be.

I am sure many of you have had or having it much more worse than me.

Anyways, all this while I learnt that there are many things about hearing aid, hearing loss, maintenance of hearing aid, many such things that one new user of hearing aid may not know but should know.

I want to use this blog just to share my first-hand experience as a user. I am not a doctor, I am not an audiologist but I can surely give my 2 cents on what things need to be known or what things need to be taken care of by the newbie!!

Oh by the way, who am I? What’s my name? Where am I from? We’ll leave that for later! Anonymity is endearing.

Happy Reading.



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